Garden and landscape design

JFK Garden Designs can provide you with unique garden and landscape design solutions, whether you are starting your landscape from scratch, or updating your garden in stages.  We can partner with interior designers, architects, outdoor kitchen makers, lighting and irrigation suppliers, metal art suppliers, and other skilled craftspeople to ensure your garden design is personalised, functional, and beautiful. Garden and landscape plans can be completed at the master plan level, or at a detailed level ready for construction, with construction details, planting plans, plant selections and material selections.

Garden Rejuvenations

Do you need advice on how to rejuvenate or revive a space? Perhaps some of your plants that have done well in the past are struggling with the changing climate. JFK Garden Designs can provide advice on plant selection, as well as source plants for you at discount prices.

Planting plans

We offer planting plans, customised to your garden’s siting and microclimates, to ensure plants will thrive in our changing climate. There is a focus on sustainable, drought tolerant plants, to ensure the long term success of your garden.

Garden and landscape construction management

Currently we do not have our own construction team. However, we can take your garden design plans out to tender to reputable, trusted landscape construction companies, select the most appropriate company to realise your vision, and manage the construction process from start to finish. Our level of involvement in the constructionstage is entirely up to you.

Natural ponds, creeks and natural pools

JFK Garden Designs owner, Julius, has a particular interest in designing natural features, such as ponds, pond-less creeks, waterfalls and natural pools. The work of Sam Cox, Phillip Johnson, and Ben Hutchinson serves as inspiration for his designs.

 With advances in technology, pools can now be created using biological filters, wetland plants, and specialised equipment to deliver you sparkling clear, natural water that can not only be swum in, but also is a habitat for birds and water creatures. Have a look at the Aquascapes Supplies Australia website for some ideas at the following link and contact us to discuss your plans today.

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